Team Building

Team building activities are a great way to bring a company, team or any group of people together towards achieving shared goals and improving performance. The Ivy League experience strives to create programs to effectively challenge and train members of the corporate community in leadership skills and teamwork. Our planning experts specialize in team building events geared towards allowing your group to work together, while still having fun!


Companies often send their employees to retreat centers or other programs designed to build teams, interdependence and trust, but at Ivy League Place we believe that team building no longer has to simply involve meeting and seminars.  Instead our programs allow your members to build trust in each other and enhance their skills in a fun yet challenging and competitive environment. We know how to do as we have been in the camp business for over 50 years have worked on ‘group development’ every day!!


Ivy League Place creates team-building programs custom-designed to fit your group’s individual and collective goals. Our facilitators will effectively challenge and train all members of your team in leadership and teamwork skills through programs such as team basics, cooperative group games, trust-building activities, leadership programming and team development.  Your group members will test their skills on our rope course adventures and activities such as icebreakers and team games will provide the opportunity to learn more about each other in a fun environment. All programs can be developed for groups of 10 to 100 people, and we have an indoor gymnasium/auditorium for presentations.


While others rent facilities, we rent an event. Our complete turn-key event planning service, combined with our dedicated staff, allows you to get the most out of your team building event.  Additionally, our central location on Long Island is easily accessible from all parts of Nassau, Suffolk, the North Shore, Manhattan and all five boroughs, and has plenty of parking for your entire company.  


Before planning your next corporate team building seminar, consider making it an adventure in teamwork at Ivy League. Call 631-265-4177 to book your event or send us an online request by clicking here.